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Analyze the causes of broken steel ball- Professional articles

2019/07/26 11:35
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        Analyze the causes of broken steel ball

- Professional articles

When many plants use steel grinding ball, the phenomenon of steel ball breakage appears to varying degrees, and some are particularly serious. What is the reason for this?

Analyze the causes of broken steel balls:

1. The plants buy cheap steel balls with very poor quality, because the price of such steel balls is very low, many buyers just to complete the procurement task, regardless of the production and use situation, As a result, the quality problem of the steel ball has arisen.


2. No enough knowledge about the classification and grade of steel ball. Maybe your ball mill has a large diameter and requires high impact steel ball, but you choose casting balls, them have low impact value so that cause the steel ball to break. In addition, The raw materials' level determine the hardness of the grinding ball, balls with high carbon content should not blindly pursue hardness above 60HRC, especially grinding ball with large diameter more than 100 mm.


3. The hardness of ground material is greater than grinding steel ball, causing the steel ball to break.


4.  Improper operation. The grinding balls are directly poured out when the mill stops grinding, There is no slow cooling process for the grinding ball. Under the change of sudden heat and cold, the grinding balls appear broken.

5. There is no 100% unbroken grinding ball, as long as the breaking rate is generally within 1%, it is regarded as reasonable.

6. The manufacturers ship the grinding balls without tempering, so that there is a strong internal stress inside the grinding ball. When purchasing grinding balls, it is necessary to choose the manufacturer with electric tempering furnace.

7.  In order to save cost,the grinding ball manufacturers order the raw material from small mills. Steel structure density and compression ratio are not up to the requirements of grinding balls, resulting the grinding balls are not up to standard, too. A bill of order materials' mill should be given to the buyers.

It may also be related to other factors such as the liner of the mill, the ingress and egress of the abrasive. Specific reasons are subject as the case may be.